Car Accidents

There are many aspects to a car accident, many of which must be dealt with immediately. Our law firm begins by investigating these critical aspects including obtaining 9-1-1 tapes, meeting with witnesses, interviewing the investigating officer, etc. We also understand that the pain and injuries resulting from the auto accident do not always show themselves immediately. Unlike the insurance companies or other lawyers, we know this to be true and will continue to treat you fairly. Car wreck cases can have challenges, but our auto accident lawyers will handle your case with the experience and desire that our law firm is known for, and promise that a successful result is imminent.

Tractor Trailer Wrecks

Tractor trailer wrecks can vary greatly from a car wreck. Our law firm, having handled many truck wreck cases, recognizes the need to immediately obtain information, oftentimes retain the services of an accident reconstructionist and perform other activities necessary to achieve the best result for you. We also recognize that being involved in a tractor trailer accident can result in serious injuries. We will work with you to ensure that those injuries, just like in a car wreck, are documented appropriately. Our truck accident lawyers will do everything we can to make sure that you get the justice you deserve.